Black Fox made waves in Hawthorn East last night; convening to enjoy Indian cuisine, take stock of recordings-to-date, and prepare for the upcoming string of live dates. ‘We have about 15 songs — the fundamentals are down — and now we’ll find some parallels and whittle the list down to a cohesive 40-45 minute sum.’

Before emerging last Thursday in support of Mary Of The Moon at Revolver Upstairs, the group took a month long hiatus — using the time to travel, move home, and work on Line Of Sight artwork. ‘It was good to step away for a while because now it’s like listening to the music fresh again. When we recorded Cut Like A Crystal, we scrambled to put something together, and then you look back and see things you’d rather change. That was probably an education in doing things the wrong way, so we’ve changed our philosophy.’

While Black Fox have plenty of homework to keep them busy, the light is at the end of the tunnel.


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