A couple of nights ago, Black Fox mole-men Dane and Leigh ventured deep beneath the Earth’s crust to explore one of the eastern suburbs’ premiere drains.

Located 12 km from the city, this incredible tunnel is a perfectly-circular concrete tube, reminiscent of a cold war missile silo. If it wasn’t for a small stream of water running down the middle, it would have made for a true California Games 2 skating experience. Hell, it even spat out into an open waterway, just like in the popular early-90s video game. Gnarly, dude!

Eventually, the tunnel led us to the fabled staircase—a set of huge concrete ‘stairs’ leading up to another, older brick drain. Sadly, time was of the essence and we had to make a hasty retreat back to the surface.

On the journey back, we decided to slip through an offshoot of the main drain and explore a parallel tunnel, encountering a crudely-sketched image of Phil Collins in the process. What a find!

We’ll see you again soon, Phil.

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